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Sheet Music

Sheet Music

The following links are to our music for most instruments.  If you play a Bb instrument (such as clarinet) and need the transposed sheet music, please click here.

Mazurka d'Auvergne

Harlequin Air

Will's Way

Shove the Pigs Foot a Little Further into the Fire

Horses Bransle

Horses Bransle - Harmonies

Sweets of May

A Rheinlander

Old Tom of Oxford

Egg Dance

Wednesday Night

Coleford Tune - (2 pages)

Britches Full of Stitches


Rogue's March

Red-Haired Boy

The Cure of All Grief - Tune and Harmony

Tobias the Grinder

The Knife's Edge Polka

Tumbalalaika - All Parts

Maiden Lane - Tune, harmonies and Chords

Hunting the Hare - Tune and Chords

Hunting the Hare - Harmonies

Hunting the Hare - All Parts


Taladh Chriosda-Christ Child's Lullaby

Three Around Three

Out on the Ocean (Harmonies and Chords)


Drummond Castle

The Silver Wheat

Le Canal en Octobre Harmony 2 and Harmony 3

Le Canal en Octobre Tune and Harmony 1

Dunmow Galumph Bass Part 1 and Bass Part 2

Dunmow Galumph and Simple Harmony Part

Pwt Y Ar Bys and Buttered Scones

Oats & Beans

La Chavanee Bourbonnais

La Chavanee Bourbonnais with harrmony

Harry Cox's Schottishe

The Indian Polka


The Peacock Followed The Hen

The Web

Fretful Porcupine - Melody only

Fretful Porcupine Melody and Harmony

The Fiery Clockface - Melody only

The Fiery Clockface - Melody and Harmony

Angeline The Baker

Rogue's March Two (parts C & D)

The Goat

Season's Promise

Banbury Bill

La Marianne

An Dro

Ievan Polkka

If you would like a printed copy of these tunes please get in touch. It costs £5.00 to cover the cost of printing. email us.

The audio versions are available on our page on SoundCloud.

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