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Sheet Music

Sheet Music

The following links are to our music for most instruments.  If you play a Bb instrument (such as clarinet) and need the transposed sheet music, please click here.

The Bay Tree

Four Up

The Albion Hornpipe

Titchwell Mazurka

The Kesh

Great North Run

Swedish Wedding March

Mazurka d'Auvergne

Harlequin Air

Will's Way

Shove the Pigs Foot a Little Further into the Fire

Horses Bransle

Horses Bransle - Harmonies

Sweets of May

A Rheinlander

Old Tom of Oxford

Egg Dance

Wednesday Night

Coleford Tune - (2 pages)

Britches Full of Stitches


Rogue's March

Red-Haired Boy

The Cure of All Grief - Tune and Harmony

Tobias the Grinder

The Knife's Edge Polka

Tumbalalaika - All Parts

Maiden Lane - Tune, harmonies and Chords

Hunting the Hare - Tune and Chords

Hunting the Hare - Harmonies

Hunting the Hare - All Parts


Taladh Chriosda-Christ Child's Lullaby

Three Around Three

Out on the Ocean (Harmonies and Chords)


Drummond Castle

The Silver Wheat

Le Canal en Octobre Harmony 2 and Harmony 3

Le Canal en Octobre Tune and Harmony 1

Dunmow Galumph Bass Part 1 and Bass Part 2

Dunmow Galumph and Simple Harmony Part

Pwt Y Ar Bys and Buttered Scones

Oats & Beans

La Chavanee Bourbonnais with harrmony

Harry Cox's Schottishe

The Indian Polka


The Peacock Followed The Hen

The Web

Fretful Porcupine - Melody only

Fretful Porcupine Melody and Harmony

The Fiery Clockface - Melody only

The Fiery Clockface - Melody and Harmony

Angeline The Baker

Rogue's March Two (parts C & D)

The Goat

Season's Promise

Banbury Bill

La Marianne

An Dro

Ievan Polkka

The audio versions are available on our page on SoundCloud.

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